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The EU rule change that will make it easier for British expats to work in the bloc

The EU is making it easier for British expats and others to work in Spain, Italy, or Greece.

The Brussels bloc is simplifying the process of getting work and residency permits, aiming to fill labour gaps and encourage legal migration.

Proposed by the EU Parliament and awaiting Council approval, changes include faster permit decisions within 90 days.

This reduces wait times from four months.

Additionally, under the proposed revisions, third-country nationals already residing within the EU with valid residence permits will no longer be required to return to their home countries to apply for work permits.

Instead, they can complete the application process within the EU territory, streamlining the administrative burden associated with obtaining permits.

Workers with permits gain flexibility to change jobs and employers. They’ll have up to three months to find new work if unemployed.

Those with permits for over two years get a six-month grace period for employment.

Additionally, there may be requirements for long-term unemployed permit holders to demonstrate financial means to support themselves without relying on social assistance.

The changes aim to streamline migration rules while protecting workers’ rights.


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