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The Chase’s Bradley Walsh mortified as Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett blasts him over major blunder


THE Chase host Bradley Walsh has been left mortified after Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett blasted him over a major blunder.

The TV presenter was left red in the face after the Chaser demanded that Bradley, 61, ensure he “read the whole question”.


Mark hit out at Bradley for failing to read the question correctly[/caption]


The Chase host was left red in the face over the blunder[/caption]

Bradley was told off by quiz whizz Mark, 56, in the most recent episode of the ITV game show, which aired on Thursday night.

Steve, Lloyd, Chris and Jackie stepped up to face the Chaser in the episode, all with hopes of walking away with a cash prize.

They went head-to-head with Mark in a series of tense rounds, which saw Brad told off when he failed to “read the question” properly.

Steve was first to go, rounding up an impressive £6,000 before she returned to the panel after winning against the chaser.

Lloyd, who was assisted on stage by his guide dog Harvey, was second up – but was quickly caught by the Chaser and sent home.

Chris was third up to the podium, and his involvement saw the show take an awkward turn as Bradley tripped up during a question.

Bradley asked Chris what the northernmost English county on the M6 motorway was – giving Cumbia, Derbyshire and North Yorkshire as answer.

“Cumbria’s on the M6 isn’t it?” Bradley piped up, before The Beast scoffed back at him: “You’ve just said it, Bradley, Cumbria, the M6.”

Taking a moment to think, a frustrated Bradley replied: “Oh the M1, I’m thinking about the M1.”

Mark hit back: “You’ve done the classic thing, Bradley. You need to RTFQ – meaning you need to read the full question.”

“It’s easily done, your mind misses the key bit,” Mark later joked at the host as he still looked embarrassed over his error.

“I know [the road] from when I have driven up to Scotland a few times to a place where they do shirts in my size.” 

While Chris was sent home, Jackie managed to bring back an impressive £5,000 for the team, who went head-to-head in the Final Chase with Mark.

They were soon caught, leaving Bradley to lament: “The Beast in fine form but the ladies will go home empty-handed.” 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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