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The best outdoor flameless candles

What’s the difference between a regular candle and a flameless candle?

If you’re looking to update your backyard or maybe just decorate for a social gathering, some well-placed lighting can add to the ambiance. Flameless candles are battery-operated candles with an LED light designed to replicate the look of a candle’s natural flame. These fire-free substitutes look tremendous and prevent you from having to worry about leaving an open flame unattended, especially around children, pets, in crowds.

Are flameless candles weatherproof?

It’s important to know where you intend to place the candles you’re purchasing. Some flameless candles are made specifically for indoor use away from the natural elements. If they are dipped in wax for an authentic look, chances are they are not heat resistant. Indoor candles also don’t do well when exposed to a lot of humidity, so it’s essential to make sure you are getting flameless candles specifically for outdoor use. Outdoor flameless candles are made for more strenuous environmental conditions and can withstand water and hot weather.

How are flameless candles powered?

Flameless candles are usually operated using LED lights that require disposable or rechargeable batteries. Some come with remotes so you can turn them on and off from across the patio and timers that will make sure the candles shut off automatically if you forget to turn them off yourself.

Votive candles vs. pillar candles vs. taper candles

Different styles of candles have different names. In figuring out which product is right for you, you might see words like votives, tapers or pillars. This just refers to the style of the candle.

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Votive candles tend to be round or square and are usually in some kind of container or dish. Tapers are tall and thin and also require some sort of holder to display. Pillars are candles that require no dish, holder, or staging area. You can place them anywhere. When it comes to flameless candles, some of your options will be votive, but most will likely be pillars.

Choosing the best outdoor flameless candles

Do you want your flameless candles to be classic? Funky? Simple? Do you want a remote for convenience? Or color-changing lights? Maybe you need a timer in case you forget to turn the lights off when you go inside. Here are some styles and set-ups you might want to consider:

Lamplust Small Decorative Dorothy Candle Lantern

This flameless candle comes with a glass farmhouse-style lantern with a dark bronze frame. It can be used inside or outside, though we don’t recommend leaving it out in heavy rain. It also comes with three AAA batteries.

Homemory 6-inch by 3-inch Outdoor Waterproof Flameless Candles

This chunky yet elegant set of two offers a flickering flame candle classic but in a durable and weatherproof body. These LED lights won’t melt in the heat and are conveniently waterproof. The set comes with a remote that allows you to change the brightness and a timer you can set for two to eight hours.

Aignis Flickering Flameless Candles Set of 9

If you want affordability and variety, this set comes with nine candles in different sizes. They are designed to hold up well in all kinds of weather, and there’s a remote and a timer included. You can place the candles solo or in 2.5-inch candle holders.

Enido Flameless Outdoor Candles

This set of nine plastic resin flameless candles offers various sizes, plus a remote and four- to eight-hour timer.

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