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The 9 best gazebos you can buy for your garden in 2021


GAZEBOS are a must-have for your garden this year, come rain, snow or shine – perfect for keeping you dry even on the wettest nights and for keeping the party going when Winter rolls around.

The best gazebo looks the part, as well as ticks all the boxes when it comes to being windproof, waterproof and secure enough to last all seasons – and unpredictable British weather!

Best gazebos

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden – be that for a one-off event, or a more permanent fixture – there are a range of gazebos available to suit your budget, taste and requirements.

Whether it’s a pop-up, waterproof, or even a wooden gazebo, each option has its pros and cons.

A waterproof gazebo made from hard-wearing polyester is like a really stylish tent. You can use it for camping, meals al fresco (even in the rain) or a designated outdoor play space for kids.

A pop-up gazebo is another smart investment – these are easy to set up and take down when you need.

If you’re looking for a gazebo for year-round use then a wooden gazebo is a stylish choice and works well over hot tubs, too, if you’re so inclined

You’ll also find gazebos with built-in LED lights and shelving – ideal for outdoor grilling and impromptu meals under the stars.

Gazebos are available at every price point – well-made designs start at under £50 and can exceed £1,000, depending on material and size. We’ve picked out some of the best gazebos that are available to buy on the market now.

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KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood pop up gazebo

Best gazebos
via Amazon
  1. (AD) Garden Classics Horwood gazebo, £199.95 from Amazon – buy here

This pop up gazebo will cover an impressive 3.1m, making it ideal for al fresco dining for small groups or for a rain-free party in Britain’s unpredictable Autumn months.

The steel frame simply folds out like an umbrella, meaning the set up takes just minutes, and then you can fold it back in for storage that isn’t bulky or cumbersome.

The cover is a water-resistant polyester and it also comes with a zippable net curtain so you don’t have to worry about bugs.

Leedor pop up gazebo

Best gazebos
via Amazon
  1. (AD) Leedor pop up gazebo, from £360.14 at Amazon – buy here

For a lightweight pop up gazebo, try this one from Leedor, which requires no assembly and weighs just 15-20lbs.

It’s a little on the pricier side, depending on the size you require – so get out that tape measure to be sure you’re getting the right size for your price.

This one opens up to 4.39m in the same way as a pop up tent, and then folds down into a bag for storage.

The waterproof ceiling will keep the rain out and shelter you from the sun while the mesh around it is great for keeping out the bugs if you’re using it at night.

Argos Home hexagonal garden gazebo

Best gazebos

  • Argos Home hexagonal garden gazebo, £120 from Argos – buy here

A roomy choice, this spacious gazebo from high-street favourite Argos is perfect for outdoor parties, or even as a covering for a child’s play space – the description says that you can even fit a swing and slide underneath.

It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for some cover from the sun, but it’s not waterproof, so that’s worth bearing in mind.

It can be mounted on most floors, whether that’s grass or on decking, and is super easy to put up or take down.

Outsunny double-tier BBQ gazebo

Best gazebos

  • Outsunny double-tier BBQ gazebo, £147.99 from Aosom – buy here

This polyester-topped gazebo is another ideal choice for a barbecue cover.

It has two shelves for storage, so you can keep everything handy as you cook – so no need to keep trekking in and out of the kitchen while the food burns!

There’s also plenty of space underneath it to protect the barbecue if the weather suddenly turns, and boasts eight screws to make it sturdy – even in windy weather.

The double-tier roof has ventilation, so any smoke will freely disperse, and not damage the fire-resistant gazebo.

Argos Home pop up garden gazebo

Best gazebos

  • Argos Home pop up garden gazebo, £65 from Argos – buy here

If you’re looking for a great budget option, then you can’t go wrong with this simple and affordable Argos gazebo.

At just £65, it’s a cheap and cheerful choice, which is perfect if you’re looking for something to keep you dry, or shaded.

It’s a pop-up gazebo, so is easily set up, and it comes with a carry bag so you can easily move it around your garden – or when you go camping.

B&Q Blooma Moses Grey Rectangular Gazebo

  • Blooma Moses Grey Rectangular Gazebo, £291 from B&Q – buy here

There’s no doubt that this is one of the priciest options on this round-up – but it’s arguably the most stylish offering out there.

Homeware-giant B&Q is offering a super-swish, European-inspired gazebo made from rust-free, sturdy aluminium, boasting fade-free fabric swathes that let you control how much sunshine you’d like to let in.

It’s modern and would make a stylish addition to a lazy sunny weekend on the patio (with cocktails, of course).

The Range Pop Up Gazebo Party Tent 3×3


  • Pop Up Gazebo Party Tent 3×3, from £79.99 at The Range – buy here

This well-reviewed gazebo from The Range is perfect for parties, or privacy from nosey neighbours when you want to be in the garden all-year-round.

The four steel reinforced walls are 3m x 3m, and the price includes rope and stakes to make sure the tent is secure, stable and won’t blow away in unpredictable conditions.

The steel frame is also rust and corrosion-resistant, so it should stand the test of time throughout all of the seasons – wet or dry!

Two of the PVC walls are removable, with zippered doors, and the other two feature window-like motifs, which we think is a nice finishing touch.

For under £80, we think it’s a great bargain for shaded barbecues, and Autumn parties in the garden.

Wayfair Janvey Steel Pop Up Gazebo


  • Janvey Steel, Pop Up Gazebo, £89.99 from Wayfair – buy here

This budget-friendly option from Wayfair is under £90 and comes in an array of colours, including green, beige, black, white, red, blue and grey.

It’s 3m x 3m, and made from rust-resistant aluminium – and can still apparently pop up in mere minutes.

The soft-top roof is UV and water resistant, with a water-tight plug and tapered seams for extra protection.

Plus, it comes with weight bags for extra security and sturdiness, as well as an easy-to-use storage bag for transporting it to festivals and campsites, if you’re so inclined.

Anchor Fast Avondale Barbecue Shelter


  • Anchor Fast Avondale Barbecue Shelter, £360 from Homebase – buy here

If it’s a wooden gazebo you’re looking for, to cover your barbecue or small hot tub, then look no further than this offering from Homebase.

With this wooden shelter, you can cook up a storm in a storm, as lets face it, barbecues are never sunny occasions, right?

It’s British made, strong, sturdy and easy to build – and has been specially treated to make sure it lasts longer, and still looks good after years of braving the storm.

Made from pine, it’s Forest Stewardship Council certified, meaning it’s also been sourced responsibly and ethically.

What is the best brand of gazebo?

The best brand of gazebo will all depend on what you’re using it for.

High street retailers such as Argos and Wilko are good if you’re looking for a good quality, well priced model.

There are also many lesser known brands with good ratings and reviews on Amazon, which can be a good option if you’re looking for reliable, tried and tested products.

What is the best heavy duty gazebo?

The best heavy duty gazebo will be a permanent one made out of wood or metal.

Lighter, pop-up gazebos can last for a few years but they have to be weighed down, and may also become easily ripped and damaged when you’re putting it up or folding it away.

A permanent, fixed gazebo won’t move, and will ensure your chosen area stays dry and safe, although it may need more care to keep it in top shape for years to come.

What is the easiest gazebo to put up?

The easiest gazebo to put up will be a pop up one.

Some will simply open out like a pop up tent with no assembly required – they do need to be weighed down though to save it from blowing away in windier conditions.

You can also get metal framed ones that fold out but they’re heavier and will need two or three people to set up.

How to build a gazebo

Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, with each having its own specific sets of instructions.

Usually, though, most gazebos will need at least two people to help set it up – and pop-up ones are definitely easier to build, often having a similar opening and closing system to an umbrella.

We recommend starting by building the (often steel) frames for the roof first, then the legs – which often extend with a knob or screw.

Then, placing the roof on top of the legs – extend all the legs, with the roof in place, to your most suitable height.

How to secure a gazebo from wind

Most gazebos come with weight bags, ropes or stakes to keep it strong and secure in windy conditions – but make sure to definitely do this, and don’t go scrimping, as if it blows away or is damaged, the brand won’t refund you if you didn’t secure it properly.

Often, gazebo legs have ‘feet’ with holes in to secure a stake through and into soft ground – with ropes often hooking from the stakes, up through the fabric covers and to the roof, keeping even the walls in place.

We recommend putting your gazebo on flat, sturdy ground that won’t flood, and sink.

Do I need planning permission for a gazebo?

Generally, you don’t need planning permission for a gazebo in the UK, if it’s temporary (often erected for less than a month) and no larger than around 2-2.5m in height.

For whatever reason, you aren’t allowed to erect a gazebo in the front of your house according to your Permitted Development Rights – so it’ll have to be in your back garden or yard.

However, if you live in a protected area, or are planning to build a large gazebo structure that is heavy duty, you will likely need planning permission from your local council.

If you’re unsure, we would recommend getting in touch with your local council representative.

Is a gazebo worth it?

A gazebo is a good investment if you want to spend time in the garden, come rain or shine, and a well-made one can last for years.

If you’re prone to sunburn or don’t like the heat, it’ll provide you with shade. And if the weather turns, some will also protect you from the rain.

Plus, if you get one with mesh sides, you can dine al fresco without worrying about pesky bugs interrupting.

Just bear in mind that you’ll need to have a fair bit of space in your garden and somewhere to store it when not in use.


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