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The 28-year-old far-Right TikTok star that may become France's new prime minister

With French voters due to go to the polls on June 30 and then again for the second round of voting on July 7, one of Europe’s major players may soon take a radically different politcal path.

As it stands, National Rally (RN) led by Marine Le Pen, is the country’s most popular party, sitting on 33 percent of the vote according to Politico.

If it’s able to win a majority in the National Assembly, RN will be able to force President Macron to select the so-called far-Right party’s preferred candidate.

Under the French electoral system the prime minister, who is the second most powerful person in the country, is appointed by the sitting president. Although in theory Macron could select who he likes to be PM, the National Assembly can force the government, including the new PM, out of office. As such, the president has no choice but to appoint a prime minister that a majority of members in the National Assembly support.

So, if RN win a majority, they will be able to dictate who the PM is.

Although Le Pen is the party’s most prominent figure, she will presumably be eying the 2027 presidential race. It is in that context that Jordan Bardella, a 28-year-old political star-in-the-making, is favourite to become the French PM in the event of an RN majority.

He led the party in the recent European Elections, which saw RN take a staggering 31.4 percent of the vote – more than twice that of its nearest rival – and he has an enviable social media following.

Clean cut Bardella, presenting a gleaming smile and almost always wearing a sharp-fitting suit, has 1.6 million TikTok followers – and his videos routinely reach seven-figure audiences.

If he does become the country’s prime minister, France may see a radical shift to the right in terms of policy. Although Macron, as president, would remain the most powerful person in the land, that would only be in technical constitutional terms.

In reality, Prime Minister Bardella would be able to direct domestic policy, including on areas like migration, while Macron would be sidelined outside of the foreign policy and defence arena.

Although Macron has said he would stay on as president independent of the result of the parliamentary elections, his position may become untenable if RN were to romp to victory.

In fact, according to a new poll by the CSA Institute for CNEWS, Europe 1 and JDD, released on Wednesday, 57 percent of French voters surveyed would want Macron to leave office if his party loses its presidential majority.


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