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‘That's why we're called GREAT Britain' Piers Morgan blasts PC madness in furious rant


Piers Morgan, 55, and his Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid, 50, had a fiery debate about political correctness to kick-start Tuesday’s edition of the show. As they discussed the news about the headteacher wanting to implement change after one of his pupils questioned why such figureheads as Nelson and Drake were part of the school curriculum, the outspoken ITV journalist said it was a case of “ultra wokeism”. He then shared why it was important children in Great Britain should be taught and educated about historical figures instead of eras of history being “cancelled”.

“Despicable is how this headteacher describes Nelson, Drake and Raleigh,” Piers said as he began his rant.

“Now none of them were perfect and like all people from that part of history, they had problematic parts of their work by today’s standards.

“But this headteacher in this country would cancel Nelson, Drake and Raleigh because they are despicable – that’s a shocker, isn’t it?

“And if it’s not being discussed in the classroom, why aren’t you discussing it?

“Why don’t you sit [this pupil down] and explain, warts and all, good, bad and ugly the stories of Nelson, Drake and Raleigh to help make this country a great country instead of branding them all despicable and cancel them.”

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The host continued: “This is the problem with the woke culture, isn’t it? It’s just they immediately get cancelled.

“Next it will be Winston Churchill with this guy. He’ll be cancelling Churchill, he’ll be cancelling everybody for being despicable rather than teaching children and educating them about our history.

“We are called Great Britain for a reason. We’ve had some great moments.

“These people in many ways were great people. Why don’t you tell your students the truth, unvarnished, but the truth?”



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