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Tesla blocks London shopping centre 'for THREE hours' after running out of battery


Drivers in London were left fuming after a Tesla car ran out of battery on a car park entry ramp. The car blocked the car park of London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, the UK’s biggest shopping centre. It was reported that the car park was blocked for three hours on Wednesday 3 November.

On Reddit a shopper to let out his frustrations.

He wrote: “Perfect, a Tesla ran out of battery and stopped at the ramp of a five storey car park at Westfield.

“It has been three hours and counting.”

One user wrote: “I know range anxiety is a thing, but there is no excuse for this.”

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“The management team rumbling about their solution and basically there is nothing they can do.

“At the end, all the cars reversed out from a 5 story [sic] winding ramp. Fab day.”

A spokesperson for Westfield spoke to MyLondon and said: “A customer’s Tesla vehicle broke down on the entry ramp of the car park.

“This happened at around 6pm.

“It was due to an empty battery.

“Westfield London’s car park team assisted the broken down vehicle.

“They guided 10 vehicles that were behind the Tesla around it.

“Tesla car park assistance then arrived on site.

“This was in order to support the broken down vehicle.”

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