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Tesco security guard and dad dies from Covid after seven weeks in hospital


Eric Ohene-Adjei, 46, was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties in late February and spent the weeks since in intensive care. His heartbroken wife Rachel was unable to be by his side due to Covid rules before Eric died on Saturday, April 17.

His three children –  Isaac, 12, nine-year-old Jacob and eight-year-old Ebony – “understand that he’s gone but don’t understand why,” reports Wales Online.

Speaking from the family home in Rumney, Cardiff, Rachel said: “Not being able to be by his side was gut-wrenching.

“He was proud of me, proud of our children and took pride in everything he did. He always made sure he worked happy. I’ve never known anyone so happy to go to work. He was a massive talker.

“It didn’t matter what the job was, he always had a smile, always spoke to everyone no matter their race or religion, everyone was his friend.

“I just want him to know how much we love him and we miss him. His memory will go on.”

The kids tell Rachel they “want their daddy back”.

Eric’s condition worsened significantly on April 12 when doctors found he had no healthy tissue left in his lungs.

Rachel has been overwhelmed with messages of support and tributes from wellwishers, many of whom are strangers who knew Eric from his role as a security guard at a Tesco in St Mellons, Cardiff.

“He would be so overwhelmed, grateful and thankful for all the support myself and the children have been given by everyone,” Rachel, who married Eric in 2007, said.

“Friends from back in school in Ghana, in London, in Ireland, he left his mark on everybody.

“He was a people person and such an exceptional man.”

The father of three, originally from Ghana, showed symptoms of coronavirus following a late shift and would often tell Rachel about customers coming into the store “without masks on”.

Rachel, who met her partner on a night out in Cardiff, said: “He would come home and tell me people were coming in without any masks on only to have them say they’re exempt. They didn’t have to show anything or do anything to prove it. Some people have genuine reasons but not everyone can say they’re exempt.

“People think the virus is a massive joke but don’t understand they’re risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

“It’s not a joke.”

Helen Davies, Rachel’s cousin, has set up a JustGiving page with the aim of raising £5,000 towards funeral costs and for supporting the family with expenses.

She said: “Eric was such an outstanding, bubbly family man. His personality shone through everything he did and he always went the extra mile for people.

“He was working all through lockdown. I just want people to understand that the virus has not gone.”

Eric was described as a “proud Ghanian” and was in the process of writing a book to “give people an insight into his ethnic background”.

“He didn’t want to just tell people about Ghana he had Jamaicans and Nigerians involved and wanted each culture to write a chapter about their experiences,” Rachel said.

“Whatever he did, he always did it for other people.”


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