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Tesco hero: Appeal to find policeman who steps in when boy struggles to pay for shopping


Del Willden, 54, witnessed the random act of kindness in a busy Tesco Express in Moreton, Merseyside, on Sunday evening. A teenage boy had put all his shopping through the self-checkout before realising it was card only. The boy, who was aged about 13, was looking around trying to attract the attention of a shop worker, but there was only one at the till and he was serving a policeman with a long queue of customers behind him.

Mr Willden told the Liverpool Echo: “This young lad was two tills down on the self-service checkout. He was looking around to get the attention of the guy on the till but it was really busy.

“The policeman noticed him and he looked a couple of times then just walked over and put his card on the contactless machine and paid for this lad’s shopping.

“Straight away the lad put his hand out to give the policeman his money and he went ‘oh don’t worry about that, mate.’ And that was it.

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“Without being dramatic, to be honest, I was a little bit choked.

“I wanted to turn around to the rest of the queue and say ‘did you just see that?”

 Mr Willden said he wanted to thank the thoughtful police officer but did not take his name or badge number before he left the store.

He said: “I thought he’s only outside in the transit van, when I get out I’ll knock on the window and say that was a really nice gesture.


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