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Tesco has hidden three Easter eggs and shoppers are going crazy to find them


The supermarket giant revealed this morning it had hidden three Easter eggs “throughout the Twitterverse”. Shoppers wishing to take part in the virtual egg hunt are required to solve three clues for a chance to win a prize. 


The first five participants who find the Easter egg and correctly comment on the post including the hashtag #TescoEggHunt will win a £20 Tesco e-gift card so they can buy the Easter egg in question.

The post read: “We’ve hidden three easter eggs throughout the Twitterverse.  

“To find them, simply solve the clues which will appear in the thread below.

“Prizes given for the first five people to find each Easter egg. More info on how to play the #TescoEggHunt below.”

So far, the video has received 346.9k views. 

The egg hunt is expected to last all day with Tesco posting three separate clues on Twitter. 

The first clue was posted at 10am and it read: “Milk chocolate, indulgent Caramel and Cookie Crumble, just thinking about this silky smooth egg will make your tummy rumble.” 

The answer is of course Galaxy chocolate. 

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Tesco revealed the three clues aren’t connected to one another. 

The second clue was posted at 12pm and said: “Easter eggs don’t get any bubbiler than this with a peppermint centre, it tastes like pure bliss.”  

The answer is Aero’s peppermint chocolate Easter egg. 

One Twitter user wrote in response: “#tescoegghunt strong detective work was needed.”

The third and final tweet is expected to be posted at 2pm. 

The first five people to find each Easter egg and respond to the promotional post tagging the chocolate brand and including the hashtag #TescoEggHunt in their comment will receive a £20 Tesco e-gift card. 

Responses that tag @tesco but not the chocolate brand will not be accepted.

One Twitter user joked: “Oh deary me. The way people can’t follow simple directions. @tesco you better turn replies off to these tweets.”

The e-gift card enables the shopper to purchase the chocolate brand’s Easter egg in question.


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