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Terror attacks have been a background fear for many Britons since the tragic 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. On November 15, the UK’s terror threat level was raised from substantial to severe meaning an attack is highly likely. Express.co.uk explores whether terrorist incidents have been on the rise in the UK since 9/11.

The latest terrorist incident in Liverpool has sparked alarm across the UK.

On November 14, a homemade bomb was detonated from a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

The passenger died at the scene but the taxi driver managed to escape and fortunately, there were no other casualties.

This latest incident has prompted Home Secretary Priti Patel to raise the threat level from terrorism to severe.

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In these years, there were higher than average deaths recorded due to terror events.

In 2005, there were 57 deaths related to terrorism (including the terrorists), 56 of these occurred during the London bombings on July 7.

In 2017, three shocking separate attacks caused the deaths of 40 people.

The Westminster Bridge and Palace attack on April 7, resulted in six deaths.

The horrific Manchester Arena attack was responsible for 23 deaths – many of these victims were tragically children.

The third incident, the London Bridge attack on June 3, caused 11 deaths.

The Office for National Statistics also published data on deaths due to terrorism.

According to statistics from the ONS, there were 95 deaths in England and Wales from April 2003 to 31 March 2020 due to terrorism (excluding perpetrators).

Overall the statistics don’t show a year-on-year increase in terror-related deaths since 2001 in the UK.

The number of deaths related to terrorism varies hugely between different years.

Although mercifully the number of deaths related to terrorism hasn’t increased year-on-year, the number of people arrested for terrorism-related offences in the UK remains high.

Since September 2001 a staggering 4,907 people have been arrested for terrorism-related offences in the UK.

However, the number of arrests hasn’t necessarily increased year-on-year, for example, in 2018 a record high of 447 arrests were recorded compared to just 280 in 2019.

Since September 2001, 1,352 have been charged with terrorism-related offences in the UK.

Although Ms Patel’s recent raising of the UK’s terror threat level to severe is alarming, the data suggests that terror events haven’t increased steadily in the UK since 9/11.

Tragic increases in terror-related deaths can usually be attributed to isolated incidents.

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