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Terrified lamb who couldn't be rescued from cliff shot dead by farmer


The stricken creature was allegedly left in the “bitter cold” for days after the fall. RSPCA told Cornwall Live it was a “really upsetting situation” but unfortunately the area was too unstable to carry out a rope rescue.

The farmer eventually shot the lamb to end its suffering on Monday, some 48 hours after the plunge.

Vicky Davidson, who lives near the rockface in Bude, Cornwall, said:  “A dog off the leash chased the mum and two lambs and one of the lambs unfortunately went off the end of the cliff. There was an owner with the dog and we want to highlight that really, that dogs should be on lead around lambs and sheep.

“This lamb was stuck on a ledge and injured for two days until the Monday when the farmer finally came down and shot it. It was left with no food, water, in the cold and left to die basically.

“We wanted to make as much noise as we could to highlight that dogs need to be on the lead and we thought surely the RSPCA should have a responsibility to rescue any animal.”


Many locals agreed that it was simply too dangerous to try and reach the lamb due to the unstable cliff side, but it wasn’t until over 48 hours later that the farmer shot the lamb to stop its suffering.

Vicky added: “The lamb was crying and bleating for its mum and the mum was at the top and was quite distressed too.

“There was so much chatter in Bude and so many people were crying for help that it became a big thing. People were visiting this lamb and it was still alive two days later, it’s pitiful really.

“It shouldn’t have been left like that. There are a lot of dogs that go off the cliffs as well so this needs to be addressed.”

RSPCA said he ordeal was a “heartbreaking situation”.

“This is a really upsetting situation and we are really saddened that despite efforts it was not possible to rescue the lamb,” the spokesman said.

“Our experienced rescue teams are well practiced in rope rescues and regularly help animals stranded in tricky situations, including along this particular stretch of the Cornish coastline.

“Sadly, recent landslides have made the area unstable and dangerous for teams to carry out safe rescues.

“Our rescue officers attended the location and worked closely with the farmer after first being alerted by the coastguard on Saturday afternoon.”

“Assessments of the cliff face were also made by experienced climbers who agreed with the charity and coast guards that the land slides had made the area too unstable to carry out a rope rescue.

“Further attempts were made to encourage the lamb to make its own way down from the cliff, including leaving the lamb for a period of time, and using methods of encouragement.

“This was a really heartbreaking situation for everyone involved, including those who witnessed the trapped lamb while on the beach below during the bank holiday weekend, and shows the importance of keeping dogs on leads around livestock – especially around coastlines.”

A spokesman for HM Coastguard confirmed that a number of 999 calls were received reporting a lamb stuck on a cliff:

He added: “The incident was reported to the RSPCA so they could attend to assess the situation and contact was also made with the owner of the lamb.”


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