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Tension headache causes: How to reduce tension-type headaches


Stop multitasking

In today’s world, it is easy to spend time on your phone while chatting to someone sitting beside you, eating, AND doing a number of other things at once.

We call this ‘multitasking’, but this form of hyper-productivity takes up far more energy than you realise, according to Charlene.

She said: “You end up doing things half as well, in double the time, plus the mental overload can cause headaches.

“Instead, diligently allow for a single task or thought at a time, and systematically move through the list instead of juggling them all.

“Plus, each time you tick something off the list, it helps to lighten your mental load.”

Schedule in a daytime nap

Some of us find it very difficult to nap, but allowing yourself some shuteye during the day could be the treatment you need for those recurring headaches you’ve been having.

Charlene said: “It’s possible to have headaches due to physical or intellectual fatigue!

“So, rather than cramming in as much work as possible, do the opposite – take a nap or have more sleep and you’ll find you’ll have more sustained energy and fewer headaches.

“This might sound counterproductive when you have ‘so much work to do’, but you’ll work more efficiently and with fewer headaches when you’re well-rested.”


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