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Ten foot mountain of rubbish with ‘cat-sized’ rats blocks fire exit leaving residents terrified


A TEN foot mountain of rubbish infested with “cat-sized” rats has piled up outside of a fire exit for a block of flats, leaving residents terrified.

Locals in Stanmore, London, fear for their safety as the mound of waste blocks the emergency exit for the flats on Parnell Way.


Residents in Stanmore, London, fear for their safety as the mountain of rubbish blocks the stairs[/caption]


Rats the ‘size of cats’ have infested the dumping ground and scare residents from using the bins[/caption]

The towering dumping ground has now become overrun with vermin, leaving people flinging their rubbish in fear – which only adds to the mountain of junk.

According to Harrow Council, the area is private land – but money from fly-tipping fines was used to clear the area within the last month, MyLondon reports.

Residents have complained that the bins for the row of shops and residents to use have been plagued with the rubbish problem for YEARS.

Sickening images show dead rats lying amongst the litter while scores of rubbish and bursting bags have been ditched on the floor.

Rodents are often seen crawling out of the open drains that are buried underneath the rotting rubbish, according to residents.

One livid local, Martin Arcsty, said: “You can never use these bins. They always stink and if you try to open them a rat will get you.

“The bins are used by all the shops around here people just come and fly-tip their rubbish,” the 34-year-old continued.

“It sounds strange but they’re literally stealing our bin space. We then have to put bin bags on the floor and rats, honestly the size of cats, just take over.”

Others have also expressed their concerns that the dumping pile is as much dangerous as it is disgusting – as it would block residents’ escape route if a fire broke out.

Over a dozen people voiced their concerns to their local community group as the rubbish pile continues to grow.

Mark Brooker told the group: “Those bad ones (bins) have been untouchable for years and in some ways I don’t blame the residents for their reluctance to go down there and lift the lid.

“At one point they were nine foot high with bin bags. (Rats leap out.. ) so they just chuck their waste in the general direction from the walkway.

“No cameras. No comeback. I’ve watched this happen,” he said.

You can never use these bins. They always stink and if you try to open them a rat will get you.

Martin ArcstyResident

Despite a fire assessment being carried out in July which deemed the property safe and pest control teams trying to tackle the rat problem, residents say neither of these attempts have helped.

A Harrow Council spokesperson said: “This particular road is an unadopted highway.

“The area the bins are being placed is on private land, which is owned by one individual who allows the others to place their bins on his land.

“The bins are not secured and it appears that there is an issue with fly-tipping in the area, unfortunately, some of this is being caused by the residents. However, as the bins are not secure, they may be being utilised by persons other than the residents.

“Enforcement action has been taken in relation to fly-tipping and the fines paid have been used to pay for a clean of the area just last month.

“We are exploring options in relation to creating a secure bin store in the area, on council land, which should help resolve the issue as the bins will be secured and only available to access by local residents. We will then be able to confirm if the size of the bins is adequate for the number of residents utilising them.”


Rodents are often seen crawling out from the open drains buried underneath the rotting junk[/caption]

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