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Teen Mom fans slam Ryan Edwards’ parents as ‘idiots’ after Maci Bookout claims they ‘blatantly ignore’ son Bentley, 12


TEEN Mom fans slammed Ryan Edwards’ parents as “idiots” after Maci Bookout claimed they “blatantly ignore” her 12-year-old son Bentley.

Ryan’s parents- Jen and Larry- got into a yelling match with Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney during the previous Teen Mom OG reunion.

Maci accused Ryan’s parents of ‘blatantly ignoring’ Bentley

During the show’s premiere episode on Tuesday, Maci discussed the reunion while getting lunch with a friend.

While reflecting on the blowout fight, the MTV star said: “Larry- his body language and his face and the way he was talking, he was gritting his teeth and pointing his finger and Taylor didn’t do anything wrong.”

The 30-year-old said that Taylor “did what any husband would do,” adding that they told Bentley about the fight at the reunion.

Maci claimed Bentley wasn’t “mad” or “worried” about it before admitting: “I’m sure he probably was a little bit, but at the same time I think he knew it was coming.

“And I was like, ‘If you’re worried about us, let us know.’”

She added: “Jen and Larry are grown a** people.

“I don’t give a f**k if you don’t like me. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care, whatever.

“But when you’re blatantly ignoring my child’s feelings, then I have a problem.”


As the scene aired, Teen Mom OG fans rushed to Twitter to slam Ryan’s parents.

One viewer called them “idiots,” an another viewer wrote: “There are no words to convey how grateful I am that Jen and Larry finally got their a$$es handed to them over their perfect child. They’ve not done that idiot or themselves any favors.”

Another added: “MTV i dont wanna see that damn Jen or Larry this season. thanks.”

A following person praised Taylor for standing up to Larry, writing: “I’m so glad Taylor said that to Larry! It was long over due!”


Back in April, Taylor lashed out at Larry during the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

The fight was a long time coming, as Maci and Taylor have been in a nasty feud with her ex Ryan, his wife Mackenzie, and his parents over the last few years.

The ex-couple share 12-year-old Bentley, and the family has battled over the pre-teen and their place on the Teen Mom show.

Ryan and his parents believed Maci was spreading lies about their side of the family and accused her of withholding Bentley.

After the fight aired, Ryan was fired by the network.

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