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Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd slams MTV for showing her ‘pop off’ on TV after she kicked fiance Zach Davis out of car in fight


TEEN Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd slammed MTV for showing her “pop off” on TV.

The 28-year-old ripped the network after a nasty fight that ended with her kicking fiancé Zach Davis out of the car.

Cheyenne Floyd/Instagram

Cheyenne slammed MTV for showing her ‘pop off’[/caption]

Youtube / MTV's Teen Mom

She got into a yelling match with Zach during a recent episode of Teen Mom OG[/caption]

Youtube / MTV's Teen Mom

The explosive fight painted the MTV star in a negative light[/caption]

During a recent episode of the podcast Think Loud Crew, Cheyenne opened up about the aspects she hates about filming Teen Mom OG.

While talking to her co-hosts, the MTV star said: “I hate that people watch five second clips out of shooting for six months and then you get judged off of your five seconds.”

She continued: “The whole time that they filmed you, they’re gonna put whenever you popped off, whenever you cried, whenever you s**t your bed.”


While Cheyenne didn’t specifically reveal an instance where producers showed her in a negative light, she was possibly referring to a memorable fight she had with Zach during the Teen Mom OG season premiere.

During the episode, a pregnant Cheyenne headed into a doctor’s appointment and promised to FaceTime Zach, her mom and other family members to hear their unborn son’s heartbeat.

Zach had to wait for Cheyenne in the car and missed out on the ultrasound due to Covid-19 guidelines.

The expectant father left the car the go to the bathroom and missed the opportunity to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

When the appointment ended, Zach jokingly called Cheyenne out as he asked with a smile: “Did you not take into consideration anything that we just talked about? How the hell did JC hear the heartbeat and I didn’t?”

Cheyenne admitted she didn’t know how that happened, adding: “We were talking and she just did it really quickly. It wasn’t an ultrasound.”

As Zach continued to complain he was left out on the big moment, the Teen Mom OG star cut him off and shouted: “I’m not gonna sit here and be screamed at about a heartbeat.”


Cheyenne angrily screamed “I don’t feel supported” multiple times as Zach attempted to speak over her.

Zach replied: “I’m not gonna sit here and have somebody screaming at me when I can’t f**king support you.”

The pair then shouted “shut up” at each other before Cheyenne demanded that Zach pull the car over.

After Zach called the situation “crazy,” Cheyenne rebutted: “No, what’s crazy is you.”

He then got out of the car as Cheyenne moved around to the driver’s seat and left him her fiancé on the sidewalk.


The MTV star was pregnant with her second child during the nasty fight.

Cheyenne announced the birth to her son Ace on Instagram in late May, posting a series of photos in the hospital holding her new addition with his big sister, Ryder.

While Ace is the first CHILD for Cheyenne and Zach, the TV personality is also the mother to four-year-old daughter Ryder with ex Cory Wharton.


Cheyenne and Zach welcomed their son Ace in May[/caption]

She is also the mother to four-year-old daughter Ryder

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