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Teen Mom Ashley Jones demands Dr Drew be FIRED and replaced by Family Reunion’s Dr Bryant after ‘condescending remarks’


TEEN Mom star Ashley Jones called for Dr Drew, longtime host of Teen Mom reunions, to be fired and replaced by Teen Mom Family Reunion’s Dr Bryant.

Teen Mom family reunion premiered in early January, bringing together MTV stars from different franchises.


Ashley Jones called for Dr Drew to be fired from Teen Mom[/caption]


She suggests Teen Mom Family Reunions Dr Bryant replace him[/caption]


Ashley claimed Dr Drew was ‘condescending’[/caption]

Ashley shared a still from Teen Mom Family Reunion, which showed her and Dr Bryant holding hands.

She captioned the post: “I’d like to officially request Dr. B for all future reunions.

“I think Dr. Drew brings nothing to the table in regards to that.

“It was nice to connect with a real doctor who wanted accountability and insight instead of condescending remarks.”

The post was shared by a Teen Mom fan account where fans chimed in, many seemingly agreeing with Ashley’s comment.

One commenter wrote: “I AGREE!! Dr. Drew is one sided with these reunions and after he threw those outlandish questions to Kiaya’s GF i was DONE. I felt so bad for her.”

Another added: “Absolute facts! In the beginning Dr. Drew used to be good and hold them accountable and now he doesn’t do anything but let them skate on BS. He lost everything at this point. We could ask better questions than he does”

A third fan wrote: “100% agree! All Dr. Drew cares about is drama and ratings. He has NONE of the girls best interests at heart!”


This isn’t the first time Dr. Drew has been criticized for how he conducts himself during Teen Mom reunions.

In December 2021, he faced backlash for a line of questioning directed at Teazha about childhood sexual abuse.

During the show, Dr. Drew had Kiaya Elliott, Amber Portwood, and Kiaya’s girlfriend Teazha on the couch together discussing the dangers of drug abuse.

He then shifted topics, asking if anyone in the group experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Shocked, Teazha raised her hand and replied: “I had no idea y’all were going to ask that.”

She sobbed, confessing: “It was multiple people, men and women, I was so confused.”

Viewers were outraged that Dr. Drew would bring up the subject.

One Reddit user posted a lengthy diatribe, which read in part: “We all know Drew sucks and has said many controversial things on and off this show, however, I am sick to my stomach after watching him completely blindside Teazha by casually asking if anyone on the couch had experienced child sexual abuse.

“The look alone on Teazha’s face told us she didn’t know that was coming.

“Like oh my god I wanted to jump through the screen and just bear hug that poor girl. That whole thing was so out of f*****g line and I can’t believe that was allowed to be brought up.”

Another person chimed in: “He is such a flaming a**hole. Just so casually asking them which of them had been sexually abused as a child like he was asking them ‘Who here likes the color blue?’ My god. The complete lack of empathy is mind blowing.”

A third wrote: “I was screaming at my tv. I rewound because I could not believe it. What was the point of that? Why did it have to happen?”

MTV did not respond to the backlash and hasn’t said whether it will be replacing Dr. Drew with Dr. Bryant.

He hasn’t addressed the backlash against him.

Ashley Siren/Instagram

Ashley has faced her share of drama on Teen Mom[/caption]


Dr Drew recently came under fire for ‘blindsiding’ Young & Pregnant star Teazha[/caption]

Social Media – Refer to Source

He has had tough questions for Ashley about her relationship with Bar Smith and more[/caption]

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