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Taylor Swift friendship bracelets for UK Eras Tours: Where to buy them

Taylor Swift appears on BBC Breakfast in 2009

Taylor Swift has started countless trends during her time in the top ten, and her latest fad seems to be her most popular yet.

Her fans – who are affectionately referred to as Swifties – have been making and trading unique friendship bracelets at the Antihero star’s gigs around the world.

This phenomenon reportedly came from a lyric in her track You’re on Your Own, Kid, which was included in her 2022 album Midnights. In the song, Taylor croons: “So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.”

Since then, fans have been making their own Taylor Swift-themed friendship bracelets en masse and trading them with perfect strangers at the star’s live shows to build up massive collections.

With the UK’s Eras Tour shows just around the corner, British Swifties may want to know where to get their own bracelets. Thankfully, we have everything you need to know about where to get yours.

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Taylor Swift friendship bracelets

Taylor Swift fans are swapping friendship bracelets at her live concerts (Image: GETTY)

Where to buy Taylor Swift friendship bracelets

The easiest way to get your own Taylor Swift friendship bracelets is to buy them ready-made. 

For fans who are perhaps not as craft-minded as others, or simply haven’t got enough time to hand-make every single one of their friendship bracelets, Etsy has a massive amount of options available for Swifties who are keen to get involved.

Taylor Swift fans from all over the world have hand-made some incredible Eras Tour friendship bracelets, with some displaying album titles, song titles, varying colours, and locations.

There are even some made specifically for the upcoming London tour dates; shows which are taking place at Wembley Stadium this summer.

You can click the link below to delve into the massive amount of available friendship bracelets and see what’s on offer.

Buy Taylor Swift friendship bracelets from Etsy here.

Buying ready-made friendship bracelets may be a good option for fans considering there have been reports of bead shortages across the world due to Taylor’s fanbase completely selling out craft stores.

But, if you’d rather hand-make your own friendship bracelets, read on.

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets are available at a number of retailers (Image: GETTY)

Where to buy Taylor Swift friendship bracelet materials

Friendship bracelet materials, beads, charms, and more can all be purchased from a number of websites.

With that said, perhaps the best options are directly from Amazon or HobbyCraft.

Amazon, in particular, has a massive amount of different friendship bracelet kits on offer. You can look at the full range using the link below:

Buy friendship bracelet kits from Amazon here.

Otherwise, you could pick one of the below examples which have been featured below.

This one from WOOLEE includes a staggering 10,818 pieces, including strings, beads, and more.

Likewise, this kit from Fournine has over 5,000 pieces of jewellery, as well as scissors,

You can also grab a massive 5,000+ piece friendship bracelet kit from Goody King here.

With any of these kits, fans will be able to hand-craft their own friendship bracelets ready to trade with the masses when Taylor Swift finally arrives in the UK this summer.

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets usually have her album or song titles on them (Image: GETTY)

Buy Taylor Swift tickets to The Eras Tour in the UK

Taylor Swift will finally be arriving in the UK this summer to play shows on her Eras Tour later this year.

Tickets were originally, officially released by Ticketmaster and AXS last year – however, they quickly sold out.

Since then, official resale tickets have been sought after from fans who missed out on Eras Tour tickets during their first release.

However, many fans also have a lot of success purchasing unofficial resale tickets for Taylor Swift’s tour.

These tickets are available at such resale sites as viagogo and Vivid Seats, being sold by fans who can no longer attend the shows they signed up for.

These ticket resales are unofficial, however, and AXS has stated any tickets found purchased through the “secondary market will not be valid for entry into the concerts”.

With that said, you can find all the links ABOVE to buy Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets for the UK.


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