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Tax code warning: Britons urged to check tax code after thousands experience errors


There was a wealth of other suggestions from Lowell including checking whether financial support is available.

Find out what you’re entitled to

“Millions of people are missing out on benefits they are entitled to, and you could be one of them,” Mr Pears warned.

On Wednesday, he said: “Today’s Budget announced changes to Universal Credit and Tax Credits, meaning you could be entitled to different benefits.

“Whether it’s income-related benefits, tax credits, Carer’s Allowance, Pension Credit, or any of the other benefits available, it’s worth checking whether you may be entitled to something you’ve been missing out on – especially if your circumstances have changed,” he added, signposting various online benefits calculators which are free to use.

Plan your return to work

“With a plan for workers to return to the office on June 21, many office workers will be faced with costs they wouldn’t incur when working at home – from commuting, to lunches, and even work clothing,” Mr Pears continued.

“Brits calculating their 2021 commuting budget should consider how often they’ll be travelling, and budget for daily, weekly, or monthly mileage, parking, and travel passes accordingly.


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