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Harry Siegel: Rename it the Sonny Rollins Williamsburg Bridge

“What made me withdraw and go to the bridge was how I felt about my own playing,” the artist recalled. “I knew I...

Harry Siegel: Subway cop bosses talk themselves into cuffs

Five days after the latest deadly train shooting and six days before the latest deadly train shoving, two top NYPD officials assured straphangers...

Harry Siegel: Adams’ favorite cops have major women problems

At least one new lawsuit spotlights a nasty boys-club vibe among the cops in Eric Adams’ tight inner circle. There’s the suit with a...

Harry Siegel: New York’s subway can’t be a psychiatric ward

The NYPD waved a white flag with Transit Chief Michael Kemper’s declaration that “You cannot arrest your way out of the problem” — the...

Harry Siegel: Kathy Hochul’s ‘High Anxiety’ reboot is godawful

Gov. Hochul’s deployment of heavily armed National Guard members outside turnstiles across the city’s subway stations isn’t as insane and idiotic as it...