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Symbols reveal Putin’s ‘plan to kill hundreds of civilians and blame Ukraine to spark all-out war’, claims whistleblower


CHILLING symbols reveal Vladimir Putin plans to kill hundreds of civilians and then blame Ukraine for the war, a whistleblower has claimed.

A secret service source in Moscow warned the Russian President’s sinister plans include a major “false flag” attack in border areas of Russia.


The source warned of a major “false flag” attack[/caption]


The plan is to hit Z and V marked buildings[/caption]

The hit which will cause the “deaths of hundreds of civilians” will be later “blamed on Ukrainians” and “internal enemies”. 

According to the source, the attacks will be against  “Z” and “V” war symbols which are to be painted in the coming days on prominent residential buildings.

The signs will be daubed on the walls of buildings in apartment blocks-local authorities in Russia have the right to place slogans on residential buildings.

Explosions in blocks of flats could cause “hundreds of civilian victims”, the whistleblower, purportedly an FSB insider said.



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The source nicknamed Wind of Change told opposition activist Vladimir Osechkin that the goal of the plan is to use the explosions to fast track a general mobilisation.

The aim will be ”to mobilise as many servicemen as possible to send to Ukraine” he said.

“Our colleagues (FSB) in the field will not be informed, and I cannot predict the level of damage or casualties expected,” he added.

“But such terrorist attacks and hundreds of civilian victims can trigger certain processes that exceed any projection of the authors of this approach.”

Their desire is “to unify the country and raise support for an external war”.

The symbols that have been used by Putin’s forces on tanks and other vehicles have been likened to modern-day swastikas.

The whistleblower said: “A particular accent is also placed on the border areas of Crimea and Belgorod,” he said.

“These are the objects that are supposed to be the targets of sabotage strikes – although I am inclined to consider it direct terrorism.”

Osechkin  – founder of gulagu.net, now living in exile and on Russia’s most-wanted list after exposing hideous torture inside jails – said his secret services source “did not just pass us the information, but asked us to spread it as wide as possible”.

The whistleblower was trusted due to earlier information he leaked,  said Osechkin.

“I must ask you to warn against very specific terrorist risks to civil infrastructure in Russia,” said the source. 


Exiled Vladimir Osechkin said the source asked for the information to be spread as wide as possible[/caption]


Russians have used Z and V symbols since the start of the war[/caption]

Osechkin said: “Our source, nicknamed Wind of Change…. appealed in this letter to all Russians and to his colleagues in the Federal Security Service [FSB], especially in border regions like Crimea and Belgorod. 

“He asked to pay maximum attention to information about a series of terrorist attacks being prepared against the people of Russia.

“Possible targets are high-rise blocks of flats [to maximise the number of casualties].

“These attacks will be blamed on Ukrainian sabotage to raise the degree of negativity, hatred and militaristic mood.

“This will make it easier to mobilise servicemen, both conscripts and reservists, even possibly some Cossack troops.”

Osechkin claimed it was now obvious that there was a large-scale mutiny among Russian forces with “a huge number of …different troops refusing to go to Ukraine to fight.

“It is to break this trend negatively impacting on Putin and the Defence Ministry that this kind of distraction is organised.”

The source said that the V and Z symbols “represent fascism” in the way that the swastika represented Hitler’s Germany. 

He claimed an effort was now underway to paint these symbols on large buildings in Russia, especially in border regions 

“A particular accent is also placed on the border areas of Crimea and Belgorod,” he said.

“These are the objects that are supposed to be the targets of sabotage strikes – although I am inclined to consider it direct terrorism.”

The source continued: “If this scenario comes true, completely insane processes will be triggered affecting everyone.

“This warning should be a direct basis for residents of these buildings to call on the regional offices of the Federal Security Service, demanding strengthened security control.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s a defence intelligence agency chief Kirill Budanov said Russians are getting ready to stage a series of terrorist attacks.

He said: “Russian special services are planning a series of terrorist attacks to blow up and blow up houses, hospitals and schools in Russian settlements.

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“As well as rocket and bomb attacks on the city of Belgorod or one of the cities of Crimea.”

He believes the attacks could be presented as “revenge” of Ukrainians for Bucha and Kramatorsk.”


The source said Putin plans to kill civilians and blame the attack on Ukraine[/caption]

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