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'Surely you've got enough!?' Kate Garraway hits out at MP over number of tests available


Kate Garraway questioned whether the British Government had enough tests available to sustain the demands of Britons as the economy re-opens. Boris Johnson insisted the rapid lateral flow tests will play a pivotal part in allowing the UK to return to normal life in the coming months. During a tense exchange with Health Minister Ed Argar, the Good Morning Britain host said: “Everybody does it because if you’ve offered it to everybody, you surely have budgeted for the potential of everybody taking it up.”

The Health Minister said: “We are confident that budget will cover whatever is needed to meet demand but what I was saying is you can’t exactly predict what that demand will be because not everyone will avail themselves of this.

“But you’re right, you plan optimistically as to how that will work. Take the last surge of usage of lateral flow devices, that was around 7.5 million in the space of a week when schools went back. That was easily met.”

Mr Argar also explained those who receive a positive result with the lateral flow test will be able to have a “confirmatory” PCR test to ensure they have the right diagnosis.

He said: “If you have a lateral flow test and it’s positive you should self-isolate, and stay home to follow the rules around that.

“What you can then do is either call 999 or going online to book a confirmatory PCR test, the so-called gold standard.

“Following that PCR test, if it comes back negative, that will override the lateral flow test result.”

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