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Superstore finale: NBC viewers left in tears by 'perfect' Amy and Jonah ending


The end of Superstore was only announced last December, once the final sixth season had already started airing, which gave fans little time to prepare for what was going to happen. Since the NBC show put so much effort into establishing the bunch of lovable misfits that populate the Cloud 9 store, viewers were concerned they wouldn’t receive the farewell they deserved. 

But when the final ever episode aired, fans were relieved to see the showrunners had managed to pull off the perfect ending. 

On the store’s final day of operations before being turned into a fulfilment centre, the gang spent it celebrating all the fun they had together. 

The crew gathered in the electronics section with bowls of popcorn for a farewell celebration, watching old tapes of their job interviews. 

Glenn (Mark McKinney) was considering whether to retire or find a new job, while Mateo (Nico Santos) was worried without a job, he would get deported. 

Inspired by the tapes, Glenn decided to revive his father’s hardware store and hire Mateo himself. 

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Meanwhile, Dina (Lauren Ash), was promoted to manager of the new fulfilment centre and had to choose five employees to take with her, which got the attention of many of her colleagues. 

As Amy (America Ferrera) came back from California to say goodbye to her former colleagues, she is put to work by Glenn to empty shelves. 

While working around the store, she tried to avoid Jonah (Ben Feldman) since they recently called off their engagement. 

However, after learning that he broke up with his new girlfriend, she confronted him. 

Viewers at home were left in tears by the way the show handled its goodbyes, with one posting on Twitter: “I’m still crying the ending was breathtaking and beautiful.”

Another person added: “don’t talk to me im still not over the superstore finale.” (sic)

“The superstore ending was literally perfect i can’t stop crying wow,” added a third. 

While a fourth shared on Twitter: “Currently ugly crying while watching the very last episode of #Superstore

“The Superstore Finale is beautiful. God, I’m a mess from crying. Love you, Superstore!” added another emotional viewer. 

“Not me sitting here crying at the Superstore finale,” one more fan wrote.

Others were left upset that the show finished: “I’m super upset about this….. This show was THE BEST!!! I’m legit crying because I am going to miss y’all so much!!!! #Superstore #Cloud9

Either way, the finale is sure to stay with viewers for a while, as another person said: “I’m crying for the 3rd time about superstore already today and it’s not even 7:30am.”


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