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Sunscreen warning as expert says viral TikTok hack could 'leave you unprotected'

Skincare experts are issuing a stern warning to sun worshippers about a sunscreen “hack” from an influencer that has gone viral on the internet.

A TikTok influencer has gained significant popularity after sharing her family’s homemade sunscreen recipe before hitting the beach.

Despite the recipe containing many of the same ingredients found in store-bought sunscreens, such as shea butter, beeswax and zinc oxide, the “simple recipe” is being heavily criticised by experts.

The DIY sunscreen has been labelled misleading and “dangerous” by skincare professionals after nearly 19 million people viewed the viral video.

Susie Ma, Founder of Tropic Skincare, cautioned: “Suncream is one of the most crucial products we use on our face and bodies as it shields us from sunburn, skin ageing and, most importantly, skin cancer.”

“When you make it at home, there is no way to determine its SPF level, or even if it has one, leaving you unprotected when you’re out in the sun.”

The unregulated nature of homemade sunscreen has raised serious concerns among experts, especially as online searches for sunscreen recipes have skyrocketed over the past year.

Kavitha Murugesan, Head of Product Innovation at Tropic Skincare, further added: “When you create a product at home, it’s impossible that you will have access to the same level of testing, meaning you never know what level of skin protection the product actually contains.

“This is especially dangerous when it comes to sunscreen as you may take risks believing you are protected (e.g. staying in sunlight for long periods of time) when you are in fact not.”

In addition, she provided some guidance for those who prefer natural alternatives to mainstream sunscreens. Encouraging individuals to opt for “broad spectrum” products which shield the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Kavitha also highlighted substances like Vitamin E and Green Algae Extract as beneficial ingredients that provides secondary benefits while also offering protection.


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