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Suez Canal blocked daily cost: Shipments worth whopping $9.5BILLION per day


The Ever Given, a ship bound for Rotterdam from China, has plugged the Suez Canal. Authorities state a storm in the region forced it to veer off course and has remained lodged between the waterway’s banks for nearly three days. Although people have hailed the unusual spectacle through memes, the stuck vessel threatens global oil prices and could take weeks to move.

How much does the Suez Canal blockage cost per day?

The Suez Canal is a relatively small stretch connecting the Red Sea’s Suez Gulf with the Mediterranean Sea.

But the 19th-century waterway provides an alternative path through the Middle East, which would otherwise see ships have to traverse Africa’s coast in its near entirety.

More than 50 ships navigate the busy canal every day, avoiding 18,950 miles of coastline, which could extend their trip by months.

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Peter Berdowski, chief executive of Dutch dredging company Boskalis, which is working on rescue efforts, told current affairs outlet Nieuwsuur the ship’s weight has emerged as a significant obstacle.

Mr Bedowski said the timeline of its path out of the canal remains uncertain and could stretch to weeks.

He said: “The more secure the ship is, the longer an operation will take.

“It can take days to weeks. Bringing in all the equipment we need, that’s not around the corner.”


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