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Sturgeon savaged for 'carrot dangling' independence without concrete plans for Scotland


Independence for Scotland (ISP) party leader Colette Walker spoke to Express.co.uk and explained her hardline stance on independence. The political party critiqued the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon for “carrot dangling” and said “concrete” plans needed to put in place to assure the Scottish population that independence remains on the cards. Despite the criticism, the ISP is aiming to bolster pro-independence support in Holyrood by standing only in Scottish regional election – an area the SNP typically do not do well in – and to work with Ms Sturgeon to make independence a reality. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Ms Walker was asked what she believes Nicola Sturgeon’s biggest threat was.

She replied: “I would like to say it was to gain the confidence from the people that doubted about Scotland becoming independent. 

“That is the thing that we really have to get through to people – to the people that slightly doubted independence. 

“I said earlier about people being very wary of change and that’s why we need to show them a vision of what could be ahead of them. 

“And so I really think Nicola and the SNP have got to show people vision on what’s ahead.”

Ms Walker added that the relevance of the Alex Salmond inquiry on Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity may be questionable as she believes there are large swathes of the electorate who are not as engaged. 

She continued: “Some people really don’t have much of an interest and don’t see that as being an open issue. 

“So I think for independence that’s what we’re here for is actually giving people the vision and the guarantee. 

“And not just dangling carrots all the time it’s not about you vote for us we’ll do it because we’ve had this all before.”

Ms Walker – who previously was an SNP member like many other ISP candidates – set up the ISP in 2020 to increase pro-independence support in Holyrood.

The SNP typically do not secure seats in the Scottish regional elections but do much better in the bigger constituency vote. 

The ISP aims to fill the regional list gap by providing two votes for the Scottish electorate to put in pro-independence parties in Holyrood. 

While other independence parties do exist on regional lists such as the Greens, Ms Walker explained the ISP is more willing to collaborate with the SNP to boost political power for independence policies.

According to the ISP website, the Green party only stand on independence “coincidentally” and have policies that stand in contrast to the SNP. 


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