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'Sturgeon not willing to work with you' Adil Ray skewers Alex Salmond on own 'ambition'


During Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, hosts Adil Ray and Kate Garraway grilled Alex Salmond over the new pro-independence party, Alba. While speaking to the hosts, Mr Salmond insisted the latest polling shows his new party is focused on gaining support. However, the MP appeared to get defensive when questioned on his relationship with Nicola Sturgeon as Ray pointed out that the politician would refuse to work with him.

Garraway began: “You’ve had a challenging month. We have seen you in a certain light in a certain story.

“You’re wanting people to vote for you, don’t you want to clear up on how you’re going to work for Nicola?”

Mr Salmond replied: “The jury was in a year ago and acquitted me of all charges in front of a lady judge.”

Garraway continued: “Another poll over the weekend when asked if you’re a fit person to stand for election.

“Why should it be you apart from those other people? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you picked up the phone to Nicola? think people want to know if you can sort that out.”

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