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Stunning Thailand home you can rent for same price as 'average' British home

This stunning Thai villa could be the ultimate reason to ditch dreary Britain for good.

Skyrocketing rent prices in the UK are no joke. In 2024, tenants are shelling out an eye-watering average of £1,293 each month for a typical English abode – that’s a hefty 8% surge from the previous year, as per the latest figures from the ONS.

Yet, one savvy Brit living it up in Phucket, Thailand insists we’re all missing a trick, arguing you’ll snag much more value for your money by relocating to Thailand. The social media influencer, known as ‘Thai Tok’, showcased a gem of a find costing just £1,300 (60,000 Thai baht).

“If this video isn’t your sign to leave the UK, I don’t know what is. I’m going to show you what you can rent for the same price as the average rent in the UK, as of this year,” he declared on his handle @thai_tokky.

“…The massive difference is the rent that you pay in the UK is not going to include your bills. The 60,000 baht, or the £1,300 you’re going to pay for this villa, is going to be totally inclusive of your bills. Let’s go have a look at it.”

Upon entering through the electronically controlled security gate, which he promptly secures again, the Brit leads us into the villa. The front door swings open to reveal a generous open-plan living space complete with dining area and kitchen.

The kitchen doesn’t skimp on amenities boasting a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and sink, all wrapped up in a chic black finish. Adjacent to this modern culinary setup is the first of the bathrooms, featuring a spacious shower, toilet, and basin.

Another door from this bathroom leads into the first bedroom, which not only boasts a double bed but glass doors which open to a stunning outside area. This encompasses a gigantic pool and hot tub surrounded by a row of palm trees.

He continued: “It’s 60,000 baht guys, that’s ridiculous – £1,300! It’s this outside – look at the pool! It’s absolutely stunning – absolutely stunning, that pool makes this property worth it alone..”

“Outside shower for before and after you get in the pool, and you got f***ing palm trees in your garden for crying out loud.”

The property holds three bedrooms in total. While just one has an ensuite, all three open up to the beautiful garden where the Brit claims you can watch amazing sunsets.

He added: “All of this guys, all of that… Take from that what you want but, to me, that’s a no brainer.”

The Brit’s advice comes at a time when London’s average rent price is a staggering £2,121 per month, increasing by more than 4.2% since 2023, Zoopla reports. In 2022, a significant proportion of this rental market comprised of studio apartments, experiencing a 71% increase in demand from the year before, according to B magazine.

Although it’s unclear what this is now, countless viewers were still gobsmacked by the luxurious Thai property. One person wrote: “As long as you can stand the heat and humidity and the chaotic traffic there, you’ll live happily.”

Another chimed in: “If you work remotely then places like this would be perfect.”

Yet, some were less impressed by his lifestyle choice, with a detractor asserting: “The difference is also the 60k baht is overpriced, you don’t need to come Thailand and live a villa life.”


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