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Strictly’s Tilly & Nikita 'supposed chemistry' show 'no signs' of getting 'off the ground'


Strictly Come Dancing aired last night for its third episode of the new series where some couples wowed the judges. However, according to body language expert Judi James, others have some work to do still.

Judi added: “Last week they were at a polite distance but this week their pelvises began to find each other like magnets, bringing a smoother look to their steps as well as a touch of breath-taking romance to their routine.

“AJ fell onto Kai’s torso to laugh during rehearsals and we saw her place one hand on his chest as she giggled with her other hand over her face.

“This much more tactile behaviour helped to create trust between them, which in turn powered the amazing lifts they performed.

“Kai stands behind AJ rubbing her arms but not upstaging her during the scoring and although he is supportive he very much allows her to feel like the star.

“His body language currently defines him as the perfect gentleman, standing with his hands behind his back and a small distance away from Karen as they are interviewed on the balcony.

“We saw his wife Emma turn up at rehearsals, hugging Karen and gazing lovingly at Greg but now we know the Curse of Strictly will not be striking in this spot we might need to see Greg getting stuck into some fake passion signals out there on the dance floor.

“His Bond/Matador mash-up needed more simmer behind all the posturing.”

Last night, same sex couple John and Johannes received an almost perfect 39 points for their impressive Paso Doble to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

According to Judi, their body language shows signs of “appreciation” and respect”.

She explained: “This very dramatic and stompy pirate dance was the star turn of the night from the couple that really do have the perfect chemistry to power to a win.

“Their synchronicity on and off the floor is impressive and they have a tactile, friendly relationship with lots of signals of appreciation and respect.

“They tend to mirror one another off the dance floor to show like-minded thinking, placing their hands in a ‘praying’ clasp or placing their hands across their chests to register hope.

“The only time their mirroring failed was in their finish positions when it looked as though Johannes landed on the floor with one arm thrown up but John didn’t.

“Unlike the other couples they show signals of status equality that works, too. Everything looks shared with them, rather than showing the classic coach/student dynamic.”

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