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'Straightforward' DIY loft insultation hack could save homeowners thousands

A savvy homeowner has shared a loft insulation hack he claims is ‘straightforward’ and could save Brits a small fortune.

The DIY enthusiast posted before-and-after photos of his loft on Reddit’s DIYUK subreddit, explaining that professional quotes would have set him back between £1,800 and £2,000 before he took matters into his own hands.

His post said: “Boarded the loft and saved £1,750.”

He managed to complete the job for a mere £250 in materials and a day’s worth of labour, showcasing an impressive finish, reports the Mirror.

Despite initial hiccups, he demonstrated how he fitted the insulation rolls between the joists and then covered them with groove boards.

The man expressed his newfound DIY confidence, saying: “What I thought would be difficult was actually straight forward and has given me confidence to do more (safely) around the house.”

Eager to motivate others, he added: “So I thought I’d make a post to try and help inspire those like me to have a go at the DIY option.”

Detailing his experience, he elaborated: “I have half the loft boarded already and needed the rest doing for another ongoing project.

“After receiving several quotes of £1,800-£2,000 to board my loft I decided to go for the DIY route. Materials were £250 – and it took a full days labour, sore back and several splinters haha.”

Scores of Reddit users have been quick to react to a post, with one enthusiast commenting: “Inspiring me to do the same to my loft! The loft is the one space I’ve been fully avoiding as 1) mine looks like yours in the before and 2) I’m scared to fall through the ceiling! Nice one!”

Another chimed in with praise, saying: “Well done it’s hard graft bending between rafters and getting the boards up there alone. Top job! “

Meanwhile, a third shared their own plans: “Good job. I have been looking at doing exactly this. Recently bought a nearly new house (2 years old) and none of the loft is boarded. We don’t have a garage so space is becoming a real issue for stuff like Xmas decorations and suitcases etc.”

A fourth user recounted their personal experience: “My hubby boarded our loft as well and saved us 1700 as well. He says it cost him around 700 to do it ourselves with the high price of wood. He’s done a great job and even installed a new hatch with a ladder for us.”

More seasoned users suggested that using staggered boards could enhance efficiency.

This comes after the government’s free home insulation scheme, launched in November 2022, was criticised for aiding only a ‘tiny fraction’ of Brits.

The ambitious three-year programme, known as the £1bn ECO+ plan, aimed to provide loft and cavity wall insulation to hundreds of thousands, potentially saving eligible households an estimated £310 annually on energy bills.

Then Business Secretary Grant Shapps had touted the initiative as a way to “protecting the pounds in their pockets, and creating jobs across the country.”

Shadow Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has lambasted the government’s latest initiative, remarking: “This reheated announcement with no new resources, is far too little too late and will help only a tiny fraction of the millions of people facing a cost of living emergency this winter.

“Labour’s Warm Homes Plan would insulate up to 2 million homes a year, saving pensioners and families up to £1,000 off their energy bills.

“Rishi Sunak wants to crawl towards warmer homes and cheaper bills for our country. Labour will sprint for it.”


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