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Stomach-churning moment American college football fan shovels down GIANT tub of mayonnaise on live TV


AN AMERICAN college football fan SCOFFED an entire tub of mayonnaise during an a match between Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson Tigers.

The fixture was the opening match of the college football season – known as the Duke’s Mayo Classic.

The fan demolished the massive jar of mayonnaise in front of a huge crowd

And in spirit with the theme of the event the fan in question shovelled a huge tub of Duke’s Mayo down his throat.

He did it for the whole world to see too, with cameras focusing on his impressive effort.

The crowd cheered him on and ESPN caught the whole thing live, so audiences across the US and the world witnessed the incredible feat.

The fan took on the challenge with alarming speed, spooning mayo into his mouth as quickly as he could manage.

Much of it ended up around his lips with his mouth virtually inside the tub, much to the crowd’s delight.

Georgia won the match 10-3 but the victory was overshadowed by this now-infamous incident.


One Instagram was disgusted by what he saw, commenting: “Please delete. I just puked watching this.”

Another added: “I hope his team loses every game ever.”

A third said: “There’s weird then there’s this.”

Another supporter also took part in the mayo fun by dunking a whole tub on his head while outside the stadium.

He then rubbed the mayo into his face and bare torso while shouting and cheering in front of a supportive crowd of fans.

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