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Stellantis prepare to launch ultra-cheap electric hatchback with 165-mile range in the UK

The motoring conglomerate Stellantis has confirmed that it will be launching an ultra-affordable electric model in the UK in 2025.

Desinged in China, Leapmotor T03 is a five-door supermini which Stellantis may begin producing in Tychy, Poland.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, noted that the new Chinese model will help to make practical electric vehicles more affordable.

He explained: “The creation of Leapmotor International is a great step forward in helping address the urgent global warming issue with state-of-the-art BEV [Battery Electric Vehicle] models that will compete with existing Chinese brands in key markets around the world.

“Leveraging Leapmotor’s cutting-edge technology and products, along with Stellantis’ support in areas such as overseas channels, services, and marketing, we hope that users around the world can experience the exceptional driving and riding experience brought by Leapmotor products.”

First introduced to the Chinese market in May 2020, the Leapmotor T03 features very conventional styling, including a flat front and bonnet and cute, round headlights.

Around the rear, the shapely rear lights are connected with black trim that features ‘Leapmotor’ badging and two fog lamps on the bumper.

On the inside, the Leapmotor takes advantage of a number of bright and colorful materials, which prevent it from feeling gloomy, and either an eight or 12-inch touchscreen.

Currently, all Leapmotor T03s feature a 36.5kWh battery pack, which is connected to a 100bhp electric motor that drives the front wheels.

As a result, the little EV is capable of reaching a relatively sedate speed of 62mph, although a 165-mile range makes it a practical car for city driving.

The Leapmotor T03 is also capable of fast charging, with the company saying it takes 36 minutes to replenish the battery to 80 percent.

Whilst Stellantis has yet to confirm how much the Leapmotor T03 will sell for when it goes on sale in March 2025, it is far from the only ultra-affordable EV set to sell in the UK.

Perhaps one of the most familiar models set to reach the country soon is the Dacia Spring, a slightly larger supermini which is available to order from £14,995.

However, BYD, currently the largest car manufacturer in China, also recently announced that they are set to introduce the Seagull in the UK, a 250-mile electric car that sells in it’s native country for just £8,000.


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