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Stefanos Tsitsipas insults girlfriend and faces intense backlash in social media post

Stefanos Tsitsipas faces a backlash on social media after calling his girlfriend, Paula Badosa, a ‘hippo’ during a trip to Monaco. Tsitsipas, who was knocked out of Wimbledon in the second round, recently got back together with Badosa just weeks after announcing they had broken up.

The couple went to Monaco on Tuesday, with Tsitsipas posting a series of videos of their trip to his Instagram story. At one point, he teased Badosa while she was carrying a suitcase up a hill in a bid to make her earn her lunch and be fitter.

“Paula is hungry as always, that’s why I started calling her hippo,” said Tsitsipas. “I want you to become fitter. That’s the nice way of saying it. This walk is about you becoming even more fitter. I’m using strategy behind it. Why am I making you walk the entire Monaco? I leave the assumptions to you.”

Upon reaching the restaurant, Badosa expressed her joy at finally being able to eat as she said: “I’m having the entire menu. I’m sweating, I’m so tired, I’m starving.” Tsitsipas replied: “You can eat as much as you want. I’m telling you this as there is plenty of walking after.”

Tsitsipas continued to roast Badosa while she was eating, saying: “Her name means small and humble but you are none of those. Why did your parents give you Paula as a first name?” Badosa responded: “Because I’m very humble. I’m very small and I have a big heart.”

It drew another cheeky response from Tsitsipas, who said: “But one thing you are not is small. You are quite grande. Where is your humility? As I haven’t found it yet.”

Some fans on social media felt Tsitsipas went too far by calling Badosa a ‘hippo’, with @anthony606061 saying on X, formerly Twitter: “That was a tough watch. Bro isn’t funny.” @anush_vinod added: “Wow, this is pretty bad. Why is she into him?”

Others, however, were quick to downplay Tsitsipas’ comments as playful teasing between lovers. @ConPaffas said: “You need a sense of humour. I find it amusing. They are obviously being funny. I’m sure there’s people that would be offended by anything.”

@LavanyaVocalNew wrote: “It’s the character from a children’s book, Hungry Hungry Hippo. They are both teasing each other and having lovers’ banter.” @GnaniAlan added: “Just sounds like two people who really know and like each other teasing each other in a playful way. Y’all need to get a grip and let these people who you don’t know live their lives.”


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