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'Stay off Oprah!' Piers Morgan issues warning to royals after advice from Prince Philip


Piers Morgan, 56, has compiled Prince Philip’s 10-point guide to royal survival after reflecting on the Duke’s words of wisdom over the years following his death at the age of 99.

The outspoken presenter insisted that the late royal’s advice should be his legacy for each member of the royal family, before taking another swipe at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers began by praising the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen Mother’s shared “tough, uncompromising, stoic, and resolutely silent” attitude to royal life.

He then took a thinly-veiled dig at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, by adding: “Many of the younger royals that followed them have behaved very differently – emoting on television, playing the victim, wallowing in self-pity, complaining about their regally gilded lives, and getting themselves into all manner of lurid scrapes that have damaged the family’s reputation.”

Piers went on to recall Prince Philip’s words about TV interviews.

Quoting the Queen’s husband, he penned: “‘Give TV interviews, by all means,’ Philip said. ‘But don’t talk about yourself.’”

Piers then shared the Duke’s reported opinions on Meghan and Harry’s decision to speak about their experiences as senior royals in their interview with Oprah.

Quoting Philip’s biographer and long-time friend, Gyles Brandreth, he continued in his latest MailOnline column: “Gyles Brandreth said the Duke thought Meghan and Harry’s decision to grant their friend Ms Winfrey a lengthy prime-time US TV audience was ‘madness’ and ‘no good would come of it.’ 

“He apparently thought the same about all the other big royal TV confessionals – from Diana and Charles opining on their broken marriage in the 1990s to Andrew’s toe-curling BBC Newsnight interview about his friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

“And he wasn’t wrong, was he?”

More to follow…


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