Home News Starmer skewered over Nato 'You supported leader who wanted them weaker!'

Starmer skewered over Nato 'You supported leader who wanted them weaker!'


The Labour leader Keir Starmer was grilled over his support for Jeremy Corbyn by Sky News presenter Mark Austin. He said: “You say in the past we haven’t been strong enough with Putin. Isn’t the problem here that you supported a Labour leader who actually wanted a weaker NATO, not a stronger NATO?”

Sir Keir replied: “The Labour Party was there at the founding of NATO.

“The Labour Secretary of State signed the treaty which I saw for myself when I visited NATO headquarters two weeks ago to express our unshakeable support for NATO.

“Labour support of NATO has been there from the very beginning.”

Mr Austin interjected: “Sorry to interrupt but Jeremy Corbyn wanted to stop the expansion of NATO and you were supporting him as leader.”

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Sir Keir continued: “Let me be very clear, the Labour Party has never wavered in its support of NATO. Our policy has never changed.

“Jeremy Corbyn was wrong about that but the Labour Party policy never shifted under his leadership.”

More to follow…

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