Home News Starmer is more popular! Rishi Sunak’s approval ratings plummets in latest poll

Starmer is more popular! Rishi Sunak’s approval ratings plummets in latest poll


The results of the poll reveal that the Chancellor is now rated so low that he is negatively viewed by voters. Sir Keir Starmer is proving to be more popular than Mr Sunak and among Conservative voters, Boris Johnson has taken the lead above the Chancellor.

It is thought the slump in approval for Rishi Sunak comes after his Spring Statement which did not do enough to tackle the squeeze on family budgets due to the increasing cost-of-living crisis.

Mr Sunak offered help with lowering fuel duty tax and raising the national insurance contributions bracket.

He also implemented the energy bill repayment schemes and discounts on council tax but has been criticised that it has not done enough.

The Chancellor has also been facing criticism over personal matters including his wife, Akshata Murthy who is a millionaire and has business links to Russia and has avoided paying tax with non-domicile status.

Labour have stated it is “staggering” Mr Sunak’s family “may have been benefiting from tax reduction schemes”.

Shadow Treasury minister Tulip Siddiq asked Sunak to “urgently explain how much he and his family have saved on their own tax bill at the same time he was putting taxes up for millions of working families”.

The Prime Minister is seen in a more favourable light despite the ‘partygate’ scandal among a host of others due to his reaction to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

When Mr Sunak implemented the furlough scheme, YouGov data on approval ratings showed he was plus 40.

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A poll was conducted of 2,120 adults on Monday and Tuesday which found that 57 percent of voters had a generally disapproving view of Mr Sunak while 28 percent saw him positively.

A regular survey of Tory members revealed that Priti Patel is the only person lower than Rishi Sunak with grassroot Conservatives.

The latest findings show that Rishi Sunak’s fall from grace has most likely scuppered his plans to succeed Johnson as Prime Minister.

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