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Starfield May update release date, launch time and patch notes for Xbox frame-rate patch

Starfield’s biggest update ever is about to be released on PC (via Steam) and Xbox Series X. After a period of testing on Steam, the big new Starfield update has a May 15 release date and (based on previous updates) a 4pm BST UK launch time. The imminent Starfield update makes some massive changes to the game, particularly on Xbox Series X, where Bethesda will introduce some exciting new visual options. According to the Starfield patch notes, Xbox Series X users will be able to choose between 30, 40, 60 or Uncapped frame-rates on VRR displays. If you don’t have a VRR display with support for 120hz, you’ll be able to select from 30 FPS or 60 FPS. Likewise, fans will also be able to prioritise between Visuals and Performance. If you prioritise performance, then expect lower resolution visuals, but far more stable frame-rates. 

Elsewhere, the May update will introduce more detailed surface maps, which should make it easier to navigate.

Bethesda explains more: “These improved maps replace surface dots with terrain markings, which, combined with actually seeing the points of interest on the map, makes it much easier to see where you are and what’s around you.

“Additionally, new markers have been added in the major cities to show the locations of vendors and each of these markers acts as a fast travel point, so you’ll be able to head straight there quickly and easily from your Scanner or the surface map.”

Perhaps most exciting of all, however, are the new gameplay settings, which give players more customisation options.

You’ll be able to increase vendor credits and carry capacity, access your ship cargo from anywhere, and even tweak the effects of food and environmental hazards.

Likewise, you can make space combat harder and run-and-gun combat easier, or take advantage of the new Extreme difficulty mode.

You can check out the Starfield May update patch notes below.

Starfield May update patch notes…


• Improved surface maps

 – We’ve made some big improvements to surface maps, so you’ll always know just where to go and no longer “get lost” on the way to your parents’ place

• New gameplay options

 – For those of you who like a bit of an extra challenge or want to make some aspects of the game easier, you can customize your experience with brand new options in the Settings menu.

 – Want to make ground combat harder but ship combat easier? You can do just that!

• Added Ship Decoration mode to the interior of Ships – now you can decorate your ships just like you can with Outposts!

• Added Tabs to Container menus to make managing your inventory easier.

• Added the ability to change Traits and appearance after entering the Unity.

• Added Dialogue camera toggle in the Settings.

• Added Display settings for Xbox Series X to prioritize Visuals or Performance (Series X).



• General Stability and Performance improvements.

• General improvements for Character fleeing, avoidance and pathfinding.

• Fixed various issues with object placement.


• Fixed an issue that could cause a ship’s maximum shield capacity to appear decreased after loading a save with certain assigned crew.

• Fixed an issue where invisibility could persist on a companion’s weapon after invisibility effect ended.

• Scanning flora/fauna XP is now also awarded via harvesting/killing.

• Resolved an issue with unintended harvest items appearing in flora from blended biomes.

• Addressed an issue that prevented repeated docking with a previously commandeered ship.

• Fixed an issue with Class C flight behavior after entering targeting mode while boosting.

• Addressed an issue that could occur when attempting to dock with a ship as it grav jumps away.

• Fixed a ship scanner issue that could occasionally display incorrect hostility or crew count.

• Fixed an issue where docked ships would appear to overlap after loading a save while boarding.

• Stunned Characters should no longer display the option to talk to them.

• Fixed an issue that could cause apparel to not display as intended on mannequins.

• Helmets placed on Mannequins should no longer cull the neck and torso section.

• Addressed an issue that could cause weapons to duplicate when looting and enemy.

• Addressed a rare issue that could cause characters to not exit dialogue when attacked.

• Fixed an issue that could cause the dialogue camera to quickly shift focus when exiting conversations.

• Neon and Ryujin security should be more diligent on arresting the player for criminal behavior.

• An Autosave should now be created when fast travelling to the player ship if Save on Travel is enabled.

• Fixed an issue with sandstorm hazards not working as intended under certain conditions.

• Fixed an issue with weather changing incorrectly when entering a ship.

• Addressed an issue related to using the Starborn Power ‘Inner Demon’ on certain Robot models.

• Resolved a few issues related to loading a save after using ‘Phased Time’ power.

• Fixed an issue with lip-sync while ‘Phased Time’ was active.

• Fixed a rare issue that could cause legendary Starborn weapons to lose their special effects.

• Resolved an issue that could prevent storing items in containers aboard the Razorleaf.

• Addressed an issue that could cause the player to appear as if they were in zero gravity after completing a temple.

• Fixed an issue with Rifle Certification skill that could prevent faster reloading benefit.

• Resolved issue with certain weapons not being able to fire immediately after they were aimed.

• Resolved and issue that could cause melee attacks to occur without animation.

• Fixed a visual issue with the Laser sight emitted from an enemy Magshear.

• Resolved a weapon visibility issue that could occur when opening the hand scanner with ‘Toggle Iron Sight’ setting enabled.

• Fixed a weapon visibility issue that could occur when switching between weapons of different types.


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