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Starbucks and Costa Coffee launch new drink and food items for spring – full menu


Both Starbucks and Costa Coffee regularly release new food and drink items when a new season comes around. With spring now upon us, the coffee chains have shared the new items hitting menus this month including a chocolate cookie latte that fans have gone mad for.

Sweet treats include the vegan Ultimate Chocolate Slice, made up of a chocolate tiffin base, with chocolate toppings and sweet fudge along with cookie pieces.

Customers can also pick from the new Triple Chocolate Biscuits or Costa’s new Mini Belgian Chocolate Flapjacks as well as the new vegan Hopping Bunny Gingerbread or the classic Chocolate Cornflake Nest which makes a welcomed return this spring. 

A Costa Coffee Spokesperson said: “With Spring being a time to try something new, there is no better time to introduce a selection of new seasonal additions to our menu. 

“We’re excited to partner with BOSH!  and expand our vegan range, as well as offering a variety of Easter-themed treats for Costa Coffee fans. 

Another said: “Looks very sweet but exactly what I need to get me through the day.”

What’s more, the popular iced blonde vanilla latte is making a comeback as well as the hot version.

Also being added to the seasonal menu includes a vegan spinach and pea falafel wrap with pickled cabbage slaw as well as a veggie New York deli sandwich, packed with slaw, Emmental cheese, rocket salad and a mustard mayo. 

Starbucks is also releasing a chicken, mozzarella and pesto sandwich on focaccia bread.

The new menu items will be available until May 5 so customers have just over a month to try them.

The chocolate chip cookie latte is already available for those with the free Starbucks app, all customers need to do is to sign up to Starbucks rewards and make the order. 

Stores are currently closed for dine-in but are open for takeaway, home delivery or drive-thru orders. 


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