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Stacey Abrams: 3 ways for corporations to show they get what's at stake on voting rights


Boycotts work. The focused power of No, trained on corporate actors used to being told Yes, can yield transformative results. As a Black person, a Southerner, an American, I respect and defend the right to boycott — and the advancement of civil rights has relied heavily on economic boycotts. Indeed, the very threat of such a call to action by Georgia’s faith leaders spurred the hasty adoption and cloistered signing of our state’s new restrictive voting law. In Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Florida and across our fractured, diversifying nation, similar voter suppression bills proliferate. While their employees and customers face new obstacles to the ballot box, the business community’s response has been untenable.

Since the bill’s signing, some corporate titans have acknowledged that their posture during debate on these bills puts them on the wrong side of history. They witnessed the shameful juxtaposition of Georgia’s controversial governor signing the anti-voting legislation while a young Black state representative got hauled away by state troopers for a door knock. Unfortunately, other companies continue to maintain a damning silence, hoping the furor will fade with time. 


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