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Springer spaniel puppy lives to bark another day after horror 300ft plunge down waterfall


Little Louis emerged unscathed to bark another day, after being rescued by the Moffat Mountain Rescue team. The terrifying accident happened after the fifteen-month-old puppy slipped his lead while out on a walk on the main path above the Grey Mares Tail near Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway. To the horror of his owner, Louis disappeared over the edge and plunged down a steep slope, landing on a small ledge.

The ledge likely saved the springer spaniel from certain death, as there was another 300ft drop below it.

Mountain rescuers located the dog after hearing his plaintiff whines and were amazed that he had survived the fall.

They lowered a team member down the steep waterfall to the ledge on which the shaken puppy had come to rest.

It took five hours to bring little Louis to safety and reunite him with his relieved owner.

Later, the mountain rescue team issued a statement, in which they confirmed details of the incident.

The statement read: “Two teams were dispatched on either side of the waterfall to try and locate the pup. The team could hear him whining but he was very difficult to locate.

“After about 45 minutes of searching he was spotted by the search team on a small ledge having fallen over 300 feet.

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“All in all, a very satisfying days’ rescue for the team.

“The whole of the team wish Louis well and hope he gets a good supper tonight!

“The team is run entirely by volunteers and is funded mostly by public donations if you think you may be able to help the work of the team please visit our just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/mmrt.”


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