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Spiders: Expert shares £1 ‘natural repellent’ to oust bugs from your home


Around this time of year, spiders can be more active which means you’re likely to see more of them. Spiders usually start to come out in early September, with their presence being more noticeable in homes until around mid-October. In the UK, there are more than 650 difference species of spider which means we’re likely to see spiders of all shapes and sizes.

The most common UK spiders are false widows, giant house spiders, sector spiders, daddy long-legs and cupboard spiders.

While they may seem be unpleasant, most species are completely harmless to humans.

But if you’re looking to keep the bugs at bay, then it may be time to invest in an eco-friendly deterrent.

Tombola has shared a handy £1 hack for keeping the creepy crawlies at bay – cinnamon.

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Experts have said cinnamon can keep a variety of different bugs away including spiders.

Pest control expert Jordan Foster said: “Ground cinnamon is a natural repellent to carpenter ants and other bugs that may roam the kitchen.”

Other bugs the cinnamon hack works on is ants, cockroaches, spiders, fruit flies, rats, wasps, earwigs, silverfish, mosquitoes, and even bed bugs, according to pest control expert Natalie Barrett.

The reason the bugs don’t like it is the smell and the powdered texture.

“You can use cinnamon on any indoor or outdoor space as protection against pest infestations,” she said.

Cinnamon essential oils and cinnamon candles are other ways you can keep bugs at bay.

The natural ingredient is the perfect spider deterrent that does wonders to combat an arachnid invasion.

Better yet with repeated use, it can even help to repel spiders all year-round.

Unlike other deterrents, cinnamon is a pleasant scent that will leave your home smelling festive and clean.

Other ways to deter spiders includes letting natural light in, using essential oils, drawing chalk lines and sealing cracks.

Some people use conkers to deter spiders but this is an Old Wives’ tale.

Strong aromas like garlic and vinegar are more likely to be effective.

Make sure you keep your outdoor spaces tidy too to stop the bugs from accumulating.

You can buy cinnamon powder for just £1 from Sainsbury’s.

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