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Spaniel puppy shot through head and killed by farmer protecting sheep


The dog died just before 12pm on Tuesday on a farm in the Ballingry area. The family are said to be heartbroken after their puppy was shot and killed. As reported in the Daily Record in Scotland a landowner can shoot a dog on their land that is believed to be worrying their livestock, if they feel the dog would cause injury or suffering in any way to their animals. 

A photo of the Spaniel was shared on social media along with a post to help raise awareness

Lorraine Daly Armstrong posted a photo on Facebook of her sister’s Spaniel that was killed. 

She wrote: “Just a warning to everyone walking their dog this wee precious spaniel lost his life today because he entered the field where sheep were.

“No, he didn’t attack any sheep, he ran back to get his owner and was shot at twice, one straight in the head.

“I’ve been in back of police van today.

“It’s heartbreaking for my sister to have witnessed this all happening, to see her one-year-old wee dog get shot.

“Please don’t walk your pets near fields off a leash.”

Police Scotland told the Daily Record that the dog was shot and killed as a result of sheep worrying.

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“And in this tragic case, the dog owners have also suffered personal heartache as a result of the attack.

“The lambing season has started and so anyone exercising their dogs should make sure they keep their pets on a lead and under close control when walking near livestock.

“A dog will not understand the consequences of its actions, however you do.

“Please remember that it is your dog and your responsibility.”

Additional reporting Kathleen Speirs


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