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SpaceX Starship SN10 rocket photographed at Boca Chica launchpad


In the images, taken by aerospace and launch photographer Jack Beyer, the huge 122 metre tall spaceship can be seen shrouded in a clouded fog. Beneath the ship, several repair vehicles can be seen. It is unclear what the workers are doing to the rocket, but it may be connected to the replacement rocket which was attached on Friday.

Mr Beyer said on Twitter: “A dormant Starship SN10 patiently awaiting its launch amidst the fog tonight.

“Work is ongoing, with several lifts under the vehicle.”

SpaceX fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the latest Starship prototype, the SN10.

The company has already launched two Starship prototypes, the SN8 and the SN9, but both launches ended in failure.

When the SN9 launched on February 2 following weeks of delays, it ended in disaster for the company.

The rocket successfully cruised at an altitude of 10 kilometres, but as SN9 approached the landing pad, one of its engines failed to ignite and the rocket struggled to control its speed.

Once it hit the ground, the spacecraft exploded into a huge ball of flames.

The SN9’s predecessor, the SN8, suffered a similar fate on its attempted land in December.

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But according to Teslerati – an unofficial source of all things Elon Musk – the launch could happen as soon as tomorrow.

They said: “Unfortunately, everything will remain uncertain until SpaceX official confirms its plans.

“But Starship SN10 should be fully cleared for a launch attempt as early as Monday, March 1, if a data review of its Thursday static fire raises no red flags.”


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