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SpaceX Starship launch LIVE stream: Watch here as SN11 readies for launch


SpaceX could finally launch the SN11 today after several delays. Mr Musk had said on March 17 that the latest Starship prototype was “almost ready” but there has been little progress since. SpaceX had been cleared for launch this week, but the lift-off has not yet gone ahead.

On March 22, SpaceX carried out a brief static fire test of its rockets.

A static fire test sees all the engines lit up as the rocket remains stationary on the ground.

This is usually a good indicator that a rocket is due to fly imminently as it shows engineers that the machine is fully working.

However, it looks as if SpaceX is preparing for another static fire test, and potentially launch the rocket today.

The company has made no official announcement, but throughout the course of its Starship testing, it has been somewhat spontaneous in its launching patterns.

Cameron County – where SpaceX’s Boca Chica base is situated – has ordered scheduled road closures around the area for today, March 26.

The road closures are scheduled between 7am and 3pm local time (12pm and 8pm GMT).

However, the road closures had been issued for March 24 and 25 also, but to no avail.

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SpaceX had slightly more success with the SN10, completing the landing.

However, the landing was too hard and caused a methane tank to rupture. After eight minutes, the SN10 too went up in a ball of flames.

SpaceX will be determined to ensure the SN11 does not suffer the same fate when it lands.

Starship will need to become fully operational sooner rather than later if Mr Musk is to realise his dreams of getting to Mars before the end of the decade.

Just this week, the South African born billionaire said on Twitter: “SpaceX will be landing Starships on Mars well before 2030.”


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