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Sophie Wessex and Princess Anne both show ‘sense of energy’ – but have their differences


One of the occasions where the pair were seen together was when they attended day one of Royal Ascot back in 2019.

The Countess and Princess can be seen both wearing hats and sitting in a carriage.

The same year, the royal’s were seen in a carriage leaving the Order of the Garter Service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

What did Judi think of their body language?

However for the RAF 100 ceremony on Horse Guards Parade in 2018, the royal’s were sat sitting next to one another with their husband’s either side.

Judi went on: “The photo with Sophie sitting between Anne and her husband Edward throws up an interesting dynamic. 

“Sophie looks uncharacteristically giggly and school-girlish here that looks prompted by something Edward is saying to her, rocking with uncontrollable laughter, with her eyes squeezed shut and her hand covering her mouth. 

“This naughty schoolkid body language seems to have brought out a far more prim response from Anne. 

“Although she is smiling her eyes are directed away from Sophie and if she is sharing the joke she is also showing higher levels of self-control. 

“Unlike Sophie Anne’s legs are crossed and her hands are tightly clasped over her handbag on her lap. 

“This lack of mirroring between the two women looks like a signature feature of their body language together, suggesting a lack of really strong friendship or closeness.”


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