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Sophie, Countess of Wessex has 'settled' into her voice – ditching 'signs of tension'


“Her interview with Rhiannon Mills for Sky News from four years ago is a classic example.

“Fast forward to her Bagshot pub visit in 2020, there is a showing of quiet confidence as she attends solo to engage with the owners and staff to discuss the impact of the pandemic on business.”

Sophie also seems to have become more confident over her years as a royal.

The expert added: “Her tone and demeanour suggest that of a ‘team plater’, in recognition of her role.”

Another expert commented that Sophie’s voice has become slightly lower throughout the years.

Expert Frankie Kemp told Express.co.uk: “Over the years, Sophie seems to have settled more into her voice…clips of her in 1999 showed some signs of tension in the throat, with a tendency to narrow her vowels.

“This could make her sound just a little bit ‘posh’ – a clue to a rather noble bloodline, despite the talk of her being a ‘commoner’.

“Can’t remember the last commoner I knew who shared a flat with a future lady in waiting and was related to Henry IV.”

Sophie is a descendant of King Edward III of England, and also of King Henry IV of England through his son Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester.

The expert explained that the narrowing of the vowels is still evident in Sophie’s voice.

Frankie added: “Since those early days, Sophie’s voice has become slightly lower, having increased in resonance although there’s still a touch of the initial throaty quality there and the narrowing of the vowels in certain words it still appears, albeit faintly.

“However, her overall sound, both vocally and in how Sophie articulates, seem relaxed, giving her an approachable ease, unaffected by her royal status.”


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