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Sophie, Countess of Wessex body language shows she is ‘keen to boost’ Edward’s confidence


“However, there was also a general assumption that, like the marriages of all of his siblings, Edward’s would hit the buffers sooner rather than later.

“It’s been a happy surprise then to find that Edward and Sophie currently appear to be in a royal marriage that has not only lasted but thrived.”

The expert added that the couple have an equal balance of power, unlike some other members in the firm.

“Unlike Charles and Diana, the couple seem to have got their power balance right together, with Edward often looking happy to see Sophie take the lead and the lion’s share of the attention, and unlike Anne and first husband Mark or Andrew and Fergie their compatibility signals appear strong,” said Judi.

The expert explained: “Posing together here though there is a slight deference from Sophie to her husband, suggesting she is keen to boost his confidence for these royal photo-calls. 

“Her knees are bent towards Edward and nearly touching him, suggesting relaxed and easy-going affection, while he performs a leg-splay and hand-clasp while mirroring Sophie’s smile. 

“The tight clasp and the rather stretched smile suggests tension here but it looks like Sophie is in the role of support and encouragement.”

As well as appearing with Edward, Sophie has many of her own interests in charities and organisations.

What is Sophie’s body language like when she is on her own?

Judi explained: “With her calm, unflappable and rather down-to-earth body language signals, Sophie appears to have hit what sales and marketing folk call the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of producing the right type of royalty during both the pandemic and the recent crisis in the Firm.

“Her non-verbal signals are self-effacing enough to suggest this new role of star in the line-up has been unexpected but not unwelcome by Sophie. 

“Her more stoic approach is rather old-fashioned, mirroring the Queen rather than setting new standards like some of the younger royals, but it is a perfect fit for a country that is in need of some quiet stability and good sense.”


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