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Son and I face miserable New Year while husband enjoys himself on holiday


DEAR DEIDRE: MY son and I face yet another miserable New Year while my husband enjoys himself on a skiing holiday.

I’m a woman of 41 and my partner is 45.

My husband is neglecting our son by always going on mates’ holidays for New Years

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We haven’t had a break since my son was born but my other half goes every year with his mates to France on Boxing Day.

They stay until after New Year.

Our boy is nine and he’s not confident.

He gets upset when his dad isn’t at home.

This year there are extra complications in that we are moving house and my son starts at a new school in January. He’s full of anxiety about it.

I’ve asked my husband whether he could postpone his trip but all his mates are single and they don’t want to change what they’ve done for years.

My son is already talking about how nervous he is and how he always dreads Christmas because it’s just one day of fun in our house.

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DEIDRE SAYS:  It may be too late to rearrange your husband’s holiday now but you could ask that he’s back in time for your son to start his new school.

If you feel that Boxing Day will be dull for your son, make sure you have things arranged that he will enjoy – perhaps seeing other family or friends.

If that’s not possible, charities always need volunteers particularly over Christmas and some will allow children to help out with a responsible adult.

It’s rewarding and may boost his confidence.

Check out ncvo.org.uk, 020 7713 6161.

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