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Snow Moon this weekend: How to see the Snow Moon


February’s Full Moon is known as a Snow Moon because of the wintry season in which it falls. In the UK, there is an average of 5.6 days in which snow falls in February, according to the Met Office, compared to 3.9 days for December – the month most commonly associated with snow.

The numbers are similar for all colder countries in the northern hemisphere, hence the name Snow Moon.

For centuries Native American tribes named the months after features they associated with the seasons.

And many of these ancient month names are now incorporated into the modern calendar.

The Snow Moon is the Full Moon in February and is named after the snow scattered on the freezing ground.

How to see the Snow Moon?

Providing there are clear skies on Saturday, the Snow Moon will be easy to see – it is simply the Moon.

However, there are ways in which you can maximise your viewing pleasure.

UK holiday resort Parkdean has teamed up with astronomers to provide viewing tips for the Snow Moon.

The first tip is to reach a high point, such as a hill.

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Another top tip is to turn off all the lights in order to reduce light pollution.

Parkdean said: “For those stargazing from the comfort of their homes, turning off the lights indoors can improve the visibility of the night sky, so long as you’re not afraid of the dark!

“Artificial light can make it harder to see stars in the sky so make sure wherever you are is as dark as possible.”

The resort also reveals the best stargazing apps to reveal what you are looking at in the sky.

Parkdean said: “Enhance the stargazing experience and download Star Chart free on AR enabled Apple or Android devices.

“Star Chart allows you to point the camera at the night sky and will tell you exactly what is up there!”

According to Time and Date, the Snow Moon will reach its maximum at 8:17am GMT on February 27, although it will be full going into the evening too.


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