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'Smart and elegant!' Queen's favourite handbag brand launches retro design for Jubilee


During her public appearances throughout her 70-year reign, the Queen is frequently seen clutching onto a handbag. For many years, the 95-year-old monarch’s handbag of choice was one produced by Launer London.

The company, which sells its goods in the luxury London department stores of Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, has a rich history with the Firm and was even awarded a Royal Warrant in 1968.

However, its connection to the Royal Family can be traced back even further.

In the 1950s, just a few years after the company was founded by Sam Launer, who fled Czechoslovakia with his wife and two sons during the Second World War, the Queen Mother purchased her first bag from the brand.

Speaking about Launer’s continent connection to the Queen, CEO Gerald Bodmer said: “I feel a certain amount of satisfaction — it’s wonderful that the Queen still carries our bags after all this time and it’s marvellous that she supports a small independent company like us.”

And now, Launer has announced it has launched a new handbag to honour Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

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The handbag, which is said to be inspired by a style which the company launched in 1972, is available in five colours, including Monarch Purple and the Queen’s favourite Ebony Black.

It also features a plaque with “Platinum Edition Jubilee” embroidered on it.

The Ebony Black Traviata handbag is listed on Launer as a new product and costs £2,480.

Launer’s website also attached a description to the product which said: “The Traviata is an iconic bag – a style favoured by HM The Queen.”

Mr Bodmer, who took over the brand in 1981, told PEOPLE: “It’s a beautifully finished product — we stick to what we are good at, which is making structured bags.”

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Mr Bodmer, who welcomed the Queen to Launer’s factory three years earlier in 1992, said: “She always looks so smart and elegant, and I think our bags go together with that.”

However, he also told PEOPLE Launer is now looking at changing its style to accommodate the Queen’s needs.

The 89-year-old said: “She wants less weight in her bags now, so I try and make the bag light enough for her to carry.

“There are all sorts of extras, so I just try to make it as light as I can without spoiling it.”

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